technological greenery

Today, there is an increasing discussion about “Biophilic Design” and technology-supported greenery, two concepts that are closely linked and used in architecture to increase the relationship with nature on the part of those who use the spaces of a building. By using vegetation, natural light and eco-friendly materials, it is possible to live “green” even in large cities. Its applications are manifold, both for interiors and exteriors. More and more buildings are showing off their unusual, but original, green dress, especially in city centres or heavily trafficked regions. This green technology thus allows greater air oxygenation even in the most congested areas. Besides reducing noise, they also add a touch of elegance and movement to buildings that would otherwise be ordinary apartment blocks. Inside the home, these technological gardens offer a pleasant, relaxing and refined environment. The use of these green walls is maintenance-free thanks to their technology. Vertical gardens absorb CO and release oxygen, just like any other potted plant that needs constant care to survive indoors.


Our partner “Verde Profilo” recognises itself in this vision because for years he has been creating unique and tailor-made solutions for its customers, with a style entirely linked to “green design” and well-being.


Among the solutions of “Verde Profilo” suitable for creating environments that meet these criteria, there are solutions for interiors, as well as for exteriors.


  • MOSSwall® the innovative product for creating maintenance-free vertical indoor gardens. It allows you to create, in a short time, suggestive natural coverings with different and totally natural colours. MOSSwall® is antistatic and antibacterial, creating an environment that is hostile to the reproduction of insects. MOSSwall® is a stabilised natural lichen that can only be used indoors, where a relative humidity level of 40% is guaranteed. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, heat or weathering.
  • Vertical Gardens, with VP-MODULO system, a structure patented by “Verde Profilo” that exploits the most advanced technologies, without
  • losing sight of the needs of design and creativity.
    The “Gardens” make it possible to create more green areas, improve sound absorption, temperature perception and purify the surrounding air, trapping atmospheric pollutants. Finally, they create islands of warmth, thanks to the evaporation of essences, thus forming real oases of biodiversity.
    The “Gardens” are made of recyclable materials.
    The “Vertical Gardens” offer freedom in design, with a wide range of botanical choices thanks to special applications such as VP-EASY and Greenery.
  • VP-Cloud is an innovative, natural and functional green design product that can be integrated into people’s daily lives, transforming an element such as lighting into a decorative element adorned with plants. The idea stems from the need to be able to insert plants in interiors with limited space: the “ceiling” dimension becomes usable green space.

A wall or a ceiling made of “green technology” could be a much-appreciated solution even for those who do not have green fingers.


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