It is a real pity to see how great properties for sale are losing value month after month because of the low level of appreciation they receive. After all, it would take so little to make them exclusive and desirable properties for many potential buyers. However, if the owners, i.e. precisely those people who have a direct interest in selling their properties, allow them to be presented with so little care, they certainly cannot expect buyers to attach the right value to them. Anyone involved in the marketing of real estate properties can often find that the selling customers do not know what to expect from a real estate agency and therefore entrust their property to those who offer very little in terms of its valorisation. Especially when you have to sell in a short time, it is important to find a trustworthy partner you can rely on. So yes, it is all right “to sell your house urgently”, but let us remain calm and act wisely. 

Square meters, what a mystery!

As already said, when you are in a hurry to sell your house, you sometimes act a little impulsively, with the intention of finding a solution to the problem as soon as possible. It often happens that one and the same property is offered for sale on the Internet several times, even three, four or five times, and this by different agencies. Often you will also find different prices, especially if real estate agencies have their own marketing strategy. In some cases, the house is offered for sale including parking costs, while other agencies sell only the house and state the costs for parking separately in the description. Most noticeable, however, are the differences in the area data in square metres. An Italian proverb says that mathematics is not a matter of opinion. Neither is geometry. Areas cannot be determined approximately and in the real estate sector there are basically two that are of interest to us: the gross living area and the net floor area, also called living area. With these two data, our buyer can see how many square metres he is buying in total and how much space will be available to him inside the house. So, be careful! A buyer who is confused by different prices, areas and agencies will be biased towards your property. Any property that is accessed by many, presented in the wrong way and with poor photographs, will be perceived as an object of little value.

The principle of scarcity, a lever of persuasion

The less available and the more exclusive the goods are, the higher the value you want to pay for them. We are currently experiencing this with a product distributed by the well-known supermarket Lidl. They are sports shoes offered at a price of only 12.99 euros. The shoes are no longer produced. They are currently available on the main online auction portals. The price of these shoes has risen to hundreds of euros. Even famous celebrities are proud to wear them. Sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it? A product we could all afford for 12.99 euros and which inexplicably became an exclusive product for a limited group of people. This phenomenon is known as the “scarcity principle” and has a powerful leverage effect when it comes to winning us over for something. 

When selling your property, remember this principle and rely on those who can make your property 
exclusive and desirable. Demand first class and quality services. Give preference to companies that offer both specialised professionals and the classic sellers. A single well-functioning agency is able to speed up the sales process without devaluing your property, even with a non-exclusive mandate.