Marketing is becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of sectors and is now part of our everyday vocabulary. This term, which derives from the verb “to market” is a set of processes that outlines and establishes the most appropriate techniques to reach and satisfy the needs of the client and the company, with analysis and actions that are measurable over time. In the real estate sector it is essential to understand the dynamics that characterize supply and demand. It is essential to be able to be well positioned in the market so that customers can find the product they need. Marketing, today, is based on the ability of a company to transmit, in an ethical way, value to its target audience, using the most appropriate techniques and channels to achieve this goal.

When do we do marketing?

 Marketing is done when you want to facilitate the sale of goods and services. Marketing follows decisions regarding the product, price, image, distribution channels and promotion actions with the sales network. Thanks to technological development, today we have new techniques available to create an interaction between customer and company. Companies today are more customer-oriented and they develop, communicate and make their offer available to the customer in terms of value.

We do marketing when we want to facilitate exchanges, when a company wants to manage its relationships with the market in the best possible way and, last but not least, when the company philosophy bases its management on a culture of behaviour, image and decisions that influence its functions.

Marketing so called “ethical” is that set of processes that aims to maximize the value obtained in the exchange of products or services between the company and the customer. In practice it means obtaining the highest possible price from a product or service, with the maximum satisfaction for the buyer; in short, the classic “win-win” situation.

How has real estate marketing evolved?

There are many real estate agencies in Switzerland, so it is essential to be able to distinguish yourself. It is no longer enough to display properties on the main real estate portals and wait for clients to come forward with a request; just as it is no longer enough to take a few photos, perhaps with your mobile phone, and include them in a sales dossier. Today, it is important to actively go to the client. It is important to analyze the market with the tools that technology provides and find out who is looking for that particular property. Today, we need to present real estate objects in their best possible guise so that they are more attractive. An ethical real estate agency must offer value to both parties involved. It must also find its target clientele outside its territory; in this case, a simple action is to offer the properties in the language of our potential buyer.

The marketing department in the real estate sector is very important to successfully achieve the purpose of the sales mandate. Only with actions and tools that make the client’s behaviour measurable and analysable we can reach it. A company that does ethical marketing is also capable of conveying the necessary emotions that lead to the success of the sales mandate with maximum satisfaction for the buyer. It is therefore also necessary an advertising planning aimed at evoking an emotion that pushes our client to choose that particular property among the many available.

Presenting objects “graphically ready” for the real estate market has become crucial. Choosing to edit a promotional film, with music that fits perfectly with the type of property and the potential clientele to whom a particular property is targeted, is truly emotionally impressive.

This series of ethical marketing actions allow for faster and more effective marketing.

A well-structured marketing department saves time, money, energy and resources.

The marketing department of Jetika Group

Since its foundation, Jetika Group has invested in its own marketing department, mainly as a vehicle to differentiate itself in the market. From the logo, to the slogan, to the communication, we are very careful and respectful of our corporate culture. It is interesting how the simple idea of a logo has an effect on people who recognize us by asking: “Are you the winged horse’s people?” This is very gratifying.

Our marketing department is made up of very competent professionals. Our advertiser is also a professional film maker who, because of his young age, already has three short films and national awards to his credit. For us at Jetika Goup it is essential to have experienced SEO (search engine optimization) collaborators, IT and digital technology professionals and a web designer. Our rendering architect allows us to offer a service of the highest quality and value. Virtual furniture is a powerful tool for our ethical marketing planning. Our blogger is a great added value to our company; with her we are able to regularly propose articles and newsletters of general interest so as to remain in constant contact with our clients. The marketing planning dedicated to social networks is managed by a young and brilliant expert in his field of activity and we propose a regular presence on these channels as well. A marketing department is absolutely necessary in the real estate sector if you want to keep up with the challenges of today’s market.


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