The sun is a bright star that heats and illuminates our planet. Without this bright fireball, there would be no life on our planet. The same applies to spaces, which need light to ‘live’. The rooms in our homes, when they shine, can create optical illusions that amplify or reduce our perception of space. When we use floor lights, our ceiling will appear higher than it really is. With downlights, the ceiling will seem lower. These are not the only features that characterise a room; when we want to add warmth and cosiness to a space furnished with wood and soft colours, we should use warm light, as if to replicate the natural effect of the sun. When our furniture is minimalist, with gentle colours and linear shapes, with materials such as marble, concrete or metal, it is better to opt for a cold light that will enhance the modern and cosmopolitan style of the house. If we want to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere, the use of soft lighting will emphasise the mysterious side of the house. A skilful combination of pendant lights, ceiling and floor spotlights, lamps and wall lights can make your home look new and original.

Lighting design: no magic show, no sleight of hand

Yes, it does seem like an illusion. Light, when used in the right way, is able to hide small defects in our home, create nuances and patterns on the walls, highlight certain details of the environment, widen or narrow a corridor, give depth to a room, increase its volume, draw a room within a room and highlight cross-contrasts that give rise to emotions. The aim is to create a luminous setting so that your home expresses itself and brings out ever-changing sensations. Lighting design is a discipline that requires various skills. In addition to a high level of creativity, technical expertise and, of course, architectural expertise are also required to ensure an overall view. By choosing the right lighting points, the right luminaires, the right degree of brightness and the perfect brilliance, the room comes to life, the artistic masterpiece is lit, and the show can begin.

A scenic home in line with the times

Big or small, luxurious or modest, your home can be enhanced by the right lighting, respecting the environment and keeping up with the times. It is not enough to place lights here and there to brighten up your home. It is important to bring it to life with the right lighting, both during the day and in the evening. Light can either enhance or detract from a room, it can be pleasant when used correctly, but it can be annoying when used too directly. Fortunately, there are now energy-efficient types of lighting on the market which, even when combined with natural light, have a great scenic impact. We are thinking in particular of LED backlighting technology integrated into furniture components, or walkable floor lighting.
And while in the past the purpose of light was solely to illuminate, today light also plays an important role as a furnishing component.