soluzioni di arredo

Small houses have a small surface area. It is therefore important to make the best possible use of all the metres and centimetres available so that all our needs can be met.
The small size of the home only proves to be efficient and meets our needs when it is functional.
Numerous studies about small surfaces have shown that they can adapt to the size of the person living in them. Le Corbusier, for example, studied a scale of proportions between the human being and architecture.


The small two room apartment containing a 3.5 room.

Let’s start with the kitchen, which is both a piece of furniture and a place of work. Meals are prepared and utensils are used in the kitchen. Opting for a furnishing that can be re-closed after use allows you to store all the materials needed to prepare the dishes and at the same time, encloses the drawers, cupboards, cooker, oven, fridge and all the other appliances. This is a practical, ingenious and, when well designed, impressive first space-saving solution.
Partition walls between rooms can be replaced by plasterboard storage walls. When these walls are deep enough, they can contain empty spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes. Shelves or wall-mounted furniture such as bookcases, wardrobes and cupboards also free the floor space from obstructions and make room for the sofa, bed, table, chairs and armchairs.


Where there is a small laundry space, this can be used to create ‘overhead’ storage. Taking advantage of the wall above the washing machine, we can hang a container for detergents and various materials.
Even the bathroom can conceal precious hanging spaces or corners that can be used for our beauty or toiletry products. It is important to choose carefully which of these spaces are best used with shelves and containers to hang on the wall so as not to obstruct the brightness of the room.


The bed with storage is another interesting invention for storing a change of sheets or for storing pillows and duvets. The fold-down bed also offers the possibility of enjoying the space effectively. It is only opened when our activities in the home are finished, and we are ready for a well-deserved rest.
Another useful tip, whenever possible, is to use the heights to create mezzanines. In these places you can put your suitcases, hoover, drying rack, ski equipment and much more.
With the right lighting, a pinch of creativity and a good dose of practicality, people can easily adapt to living space that is literally made to measure.