valore di un immobile, stima immobiliare

The finishing of a property includes all the materials used, the installation techniques, the brands of appliances or equipment, and all the elements and accessories used to complete a home. Finishes also represent the level of prestige attached to a property. Besides the location, views, nearby shopping, schools, green areas and public transport, finishes are equally important in determining the value of a property. The newer or more recently installed these finishes are, the more valuable the property will become.
However, a new and modern finishing, which may also be expensive, does not always make our real estate easy to market. Let’s find out why.

The brightly coloured kitchen.

In order for a property to gain value, or not lose it, we have to consider that every finish in our house has a life cycle. It is important to keep the elements that make up these finishes in good condition, but not only that. They have to be liked, and everyone has different tastes. People who buy a property often want to personalise it for their own needs and according to their own criteria of beauty. Doing so, however, sometimes compromises the resale, especially when the finishes have unusual colours, original materials or bizarre poses.
An orange kitchen, for example, will only appeal to a very small group of people. The vast majority will probably prefer less fancy and neutral colours. If a buyer of your property does not like the colour of your orange kitchen, he will certainly offer a lower purchase price that takes into account the cost of replacing the kitchen. Even if it is new or hardly used, has the latest appliances and comes from a well-known manufacturer, this orange kitchen will prove to be a bad investment.
Sometimes we forget that our children grow up and will leave their nest in the future. We also forget that life is unpredictable. A job opportunity in another canton or another country would force us to reassess our certainties and perhaps even put our house up for sale. Since we don’t want to lose out on the investment, we’ve made in buying our property, one suggestion that will prove successful is to opt for finishes with sober, elegant and classic materials and colours; those that never go out of fashion.