Decluttering, or rather “getting rid of the confusion”, is the first measure you should take when you want to put a property up for sale on the market. ” You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, as it is so nicely put in a famous quotation from Oscar Wild. And this is exactly what you have to pay attention to when selling a property. We all have different habits and tastes, which is why it is important that the property we want to sell is absolutely neutral and therefore attractive to most prospective buyers. It will have happened to all of us to enter an environment and feel completely at ease. We will also have happened the opposite though! Hotels, for example, apply the principle of decluttering so that their guests not only feel comfortable in their rooms during their stay, but also come back for their next holiday.

But what do you have to remove from your house to make it easier to sell?

Above all, dirt and bad odours must be removed! In our work as estate agents we often find that not everyone has the same idea of cleanliness. You should know that especially women, often those in the family who “decide” whether to buy your or another property, are very sensitive to cleanliness. So pay attention to windows, bathrooms, dust on the furniture, the condition of the kitchen and especially the stove! No clothes to leave lying around in the bedroom, no bathrobes in the bathroom, no overflowing baskets of dirty laundry, sinks full of cosmetics, etc. Ventilate the house before a visit, especially if you have just cooked or if you smoke at home.

Remove family photos and posters hanging in your children’s rooms. Since you have decided to sell your house, it should no longer reflect your lifestyle. The potential buyer who comes to your home must feel that the house is the perfect place to live with his family. Remove any religious symbols, crucifixes or paintings that indicate a particular religious conviction. Perhaps our buyer’s beliefs are different from yours, and these small details could affect the sales negotiations.

No hunting trophies. There are people who would never accept to live in a house where the owner is responsible for the death of animals. Also, remove any superfluous knick-knacks and put the children’s toys in a box in the storage room when the visit is due. A crowded house, with too many objects, causes discomfort, remember that.

And if the buyer does not like my furniture, should I change everything?

Do not worry about your furniture, just think about how it is arranged in your room. Little tricks, like moving an armchair or turning the dining table, can increase the perception of the room and make it seem bigger. In some cases, real estate agencies provide their clients with so-called “home stagers” if necessary. Home staging, as much as “presentation of the house”, is a very effective way of selling in less time and avoiding overly aggressive price negotiations. Home Stagers are basically interior designers and can enhance the room with the furniture already in the flat. Jetika Group offers its customers a Home Staging Service. This is an ethical marketing action of great value and strong effectiveness.

Let’s remember that before lowering the price of the property, we must consider all possible alternatives, and these include decluttering and home staging.