Prefabricated wooden houses are designed with the aim of reducing energy consumption and improving living comfort.

Prefabricated buildings in Switzerland are becoming increasingly popular. This is hardly surprising.

It is well established that prefabricated wooden houses offer a significantly higher quality of life and living comfort than a house built using traditional methods.

In addition to being a natural and therefore healthy product, wood allows for unparalleled energy standards, significantly reducing energy needs and pollutant emissions into the environment.

These are the main reasons why prefabricated houses in Switzerland are becoming increasingly popular.

The advantages of living in a prefab home

Let’s start with the price. The construction cost of a prefabricated house is significantly lower than one built using the traditional masonry method. With building land prices becoming increasingly expensive, it becomes important for homeowners to limit construction costs.

A prefabricated house is also considerably safer from a structural point of view. In fact, wood is an elastic material that allows the structure to better withstand seismic shocks. The low energy consumption is in fact attributable to wood, a highly insulating material that allows for minimal energy expenditure.

The construction time of a prefabricated house is very short. You can move into your new home within a few months.

The design is also state-of-the-art. Contrary to popular belief, the prefabricated house can meet all requirements for comfort and elegance. You can therefore design your own custom-built house considering all those details that will make your new home unique.

What is a hybrid prefabricated construction?

The hybrid prefabricated house has nothing to envy to a classic house built using the traditional masonry method.

It makes use of different materials such as wood, steel, stone, or concrete.

Hybrid construction is a new concept in the world of architecture and in the world of design. Hybrid prefabricated houses enjoy original details and a variety of materials that are rarely found in classic construction.

Therefore, for all those who wish to build their own prefabricated house but cannot do without a stone fireplace that makes the winter romantic, we recommend evaluating the hybrid prefabricated house.