A new international collaboration

In 2022, Jetika Group partnered with an international investment entity, a London-based real estate and debt financing advisory firm. The company works with around 300 lenders and has closed transactions worth just under £ 3 billion. It specializes in providing innovative financing solutions, in situations where traditional banks fail to serve customers satisfactorily. This was especially necessary during the Covid period, when the company served many customers who were in difficult situations.

Guarantees across Europe

The fact that our partner’s lenders can accept guarantees across Europe means that they can find tailor-made cross-border solutions; for example, a Swiss customer could buy a property in Germany, buy a property in the UK or in the Principality of Monaco. In addition, many of our partner’s lenders are private family offices and investment funds that grant loans in Switzerland and Europe. Typically, these lenders offer higher LTVs and can act faster than traditional banks.

Private loans and financing

Our partner is able to unlock private loans against liquid financial assets such as stocks, bonds, ETFs and cryptocurrencies. Our partner is also able to assist clients in financing valuables such as jewelry, artwork, watches, luxury cars, yachts, and airplanes. If you are a European corporate client looking for financing, our partner could help you with corporate loans or with various tailor-made solutions. Thanks to this fruitful collaboration, several real estate operations are already proceeding successfully.

Jetika Group is available to evaluate your new national and international real estate projects, as well as constructions, renovations, or real estate purchase operations. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.