The house of our dreams often does not exist. We all have expectations that change with the passing of time and the order of priorities. Finding the perfect, or almost perfect, home requires a lot of energy and above all some compromising. There are people who want to find that one home, in our small area, that was planned by another person, who had other needs and other priorities, perhaps even from another generation, but which completely reflects their own needs.

Ready-to-live houses, which do not require work on the layout or, at least, require only a few adjustments, put us in front of compromises that make us move away from our ideal of the perfect home. For those who intend to go in this direction, that is to buy the house or flat ready to live in, we suggest being open to solutions other than those that have been set. The ready-to-live object, perhaps even new, is proposed with spaces that might not coincide with our lifestyle, and we find ourselves buying a real estate object that does not fully fit in with our daily life. If, on the other hand, we are adaptable people, who live in one country today and in another the next day, not making long-term plans because taking life differently, then a “compromised” home can fully meet current needs. This clientele, often foreign, has a different approach to housing than a resident might have, probably due to his or her values, profession, education or beliefs.

This is why new building sites or houses to be renovated offer us the advantage of being able to be modelled on our needs. A property development, depending on the progress of the work, allows us to move walls and intervene on the unit we are interested in, so that it has the characteristics that best suit our lifestyle. The renovation of a property takes time, but it can certainly meet our expectations. Let us not underestimate the financial aspect; the advantage of buying a house to renovate will start the negotiation process; estimates in hand, we sit around a table and achieve the goal of both parties, which is the sale. Remember that our territory is very beautiful but limited. Building land is becoming increasingly scarce and its cost is rising accordingly. In addition to the advantages listed above, the renovation route also enables a neighbourhood or an area of land to be redeveloped. With a far-sighted vision, thinking also of future generations, the redevelopment of our homes would bring long-term value to our area.